Carpool Credits is a free online ride registration tool for commuter teams that share a car daily. A driver is rewarded with credits and a passenger pays with credits. Users of Carpool Credits don't pay money for sharing the car. All debts are settled with a closed wallet.

The amount of credits is dependent on the number of people in the car. An example: in a team with 4 people the driver gets +9 credits and the 3 passengers each pay with -3 credits. If the next day only 2 people are participating then the driver gets +6 credits and the passenger pays with -6 credits.

Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car. Carpooling reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions and is therefore environmentally friendly. It also reduces traffic congestion and the need for parking spaces. On top of that carpooling is fun because carpoolers are able to work, sleep, read, or chat with their co-commuters while travelling.

Carpool Credits is free! So sign up with your team. Or try it in our sandbox first.

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